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Telephone: 0787 9042 993

Email: info@proactiveoutdoors.co.uk



"As active people and regular gym goers we thought our fitness levels were pretty good... but Proactive Fitness proved us wrong! We've been attending bootcamp for 3 years now and every session is a new challenge. I could never motivate or push myself hard enough at the gym. The camaraderie and attention of the trainers at bootcamp means you really do find your physical edge and grow stronger and fitter each session. Bootcamp isn't scary, it's a whole lot of fun and a rare opportunity to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Even if it's cold or wet you don't care because you know you're going to get so much from that 60-minute gut-busting workout!"

Amy and Mark Hoyle


"The classes are challenging but enjoyable, I have been surprised at how much I can push myself which I believe is due to the encouragement of the instructors and how each class is exciting from start to finish (in other words, you do not make us repeat the same exercise over and over). I love how you incorporate different types of exercises- running/ HIIT/ Boxing/ TRX etc. The classes are also super welcoming; everyone is friendly and there is no unhealthy competition - you are only competing with yourself! For me personally, it nice to think that I could meet new people through these classes, rather than just use purely for exercise benefits (I'm gutted I'm not here for the social!!) Finally, I love how many classes you offer- I travel with work a lot but this really fits my schedule, if I'm away in the week i can go on the weekend and visa versa"

Nicola Bates


"I usually attend the bootcamp sessions at Stretford, so only really know James and he’s fab! There’s a really good team spirit there, happy, funny environment, which makes it lovely to go along to. I loved the PT sessions with Anthony too and he’s probably the most experienced and committed PT I’ve ever had. He really helped with my knee issue, and his advice has made a big difference!"

Jessica Genovese


"I came back to training with Proactive Fitness again in October 2016 after the birth of my son. Since then I have truly fallen in love with the process of getting myself fitter and stronger than ever before. Anthony and his team are friendly and encouraging and with their support I have been able to train harder than I knew I was able to. If you are looking for a fun and sociable way of being pushed to your limit and achieving your fitness goals then I couldn’t recommend them more highly. Thank you for getting me back in my pre-baby wardrobe when I wasn’t sure it was possible!"

Bethany Robyn Evans


"It's important to me to have a trainer who is as committed to me improving as I am... And Anthony certainly is that. His training is scientific, specific, clearly explained and most importantly it works. I can see the results already and looking ahead I can only imagine the further improvements I will gain in the future"

Steve Boston


"I have noticed a huge difference in my strength since joining bootcamp, and my fitness levels are the best they have ever been. Anthony is a fantastic trainer, he is always friendly and encouraging, and makes the sessions really enjoyable. You are pushed to do more, but never beyond what you are capable of. Working in an office all day, it is also nice to be outside for an hour, and it is much more interesting than being in the gym. I would definitely recommend Proactive Fitness to anyone looking to get fit or try something a bit different."

Emma Ashworth


"I joined proactive fitness and with the encouragement of Anthony, I have renewed my interest in fitness and really enjoy every class and as an added bonus... lost 2 stone in 3 months."

Collette Hodkinson


"I joined ProActive Fitness in June 2012 and have never looked back. The classes are very challenging and you really feel like you're working your whole body whilst getting a lot fitter. What surprised me more than anything is that they are also really good fun! Every session is so different you never know what to expect. Anthony is a fantastic trainer, he is really good at pushing us all but in a very approachable and friendly way. He is motivational and enthusiastic. I have combined the bootcamps with some personal training sessions with Anthony and couldn't recommend him more highly."

Amy Woods


"I am now on my second week of training with proactive outdoors and i can honestly say I have never worked as hard in a gym training session in my life! My goal is to get fit and already I can see a masive difference in my energy levels. I have also lost 7lb in weight is also a massive bonus! The sessions are great, you get out of it what you put in, and the group dymanic really drives you to do more than you ever thought you could. Anthony and Chris are there to drive you on and make sure you get the most from each element and you really are supported by the members to do your best!I would recommend proactiveoutdoors to anyone no matter what their fitness level because it really does work!!"

Nina Tidd

"I find gym's really boring and was really demotivated with exercise. I work in an office all day and the idea of getting some fresh air whilst exercising really appealed to me. Proactiv Fitness is brillaint - every session is different and they make it really good fun. Sounds weird, but I love it when it's raining, as it really cools you down! Some of my friends thought it might be a bit intimidating, but Anthony is really easy to get on with, knows how to push you without putting you off and is really encouraging - just don't make any excuses, they fall on deaf ears."

Sarah Gilbody


"In one month of joining boot camp and changing diet I have lost 11.5lb and started to tone up. I have also dropped a dress size and feeling much more confident in my fitness abilities, being pushed out of my comfort zone is what I needed. I will be joining as a member and would recommend everyone to try it."

Angela Franklin

"I have been training with Proactive fitness for the past few months now. I no longer dislike exercise and i actually really enjoy the sessions...something i'd never thought i'd say. My confidence and self esteem has increased dramatically. With an approachable, educational and professional manner Proactive fitness has changed my overall lifestyle through fitness. I would recommend proactive fitness to anyone who wants a caring but effective approach to fitness."

Laura Smith


"Would highly recommend Anthony as a personal trainer. Up to now, with his guidance I have lost 6.5kilos (and a dress size), and my fitness levels have never been better, his exercise program is achievable, and the eating plan brilliant (eating twice more now than I used to). Anthony is extremely professional, and his advise and aftercare second to none. THANK YOU ANTHONY!"

Lesley Healey


"I'd highly recommend Proactive Outdoor fitness sessions as a great way to get fit, meet new people and have a laugh. Ant and his team of instructors are highly knowledgeable, the sessions are always different and interesting and working as a group or in teams is the perfect way to push yourself that little bit harder than if you trained on your own. I spent 6 months training with them and it was perfect preparation for my Tough Mudder run."

Jay Ashcroft